Frequently asked questions


1. Is this site legit?


- Yes, I am the owner of: and other websites.

- I've served thousands of customers from all over the world: click 

- Check out reviews written by the clients (with their unique IP number): click





2. How it works?


Buying Fifa coins paying via Mobile Phone is extremely easy:

a) Select the platform you're playing at

b) Choose how much coins you want to buy

c) List a player on the transfer market and write his details

d) Pay and wait for your coins





3. When will I receive my coins?


Exact delivery time is written at the top-right corner of the website.
If I am online you will receive your coins in maxmium 15 minutes.





4. Do you cover 5% EA tax?


Yes, I do. For example: When you're buying 100,000 coins you have to list a player with a buy now price of 105,000 coins.





5. Do you sell FIFA WORLD coins?


Yes, I do.





6. Why prices are much more expensive?


Prices are high because i receive only around ~30% of what you pay.

Most of the money goes to the mobile phone operators.





7. Are there any limits?


Yes, you can spend maximum 100€ (or the equivalent in your local currency) within 24 hours.





8. "I have got a problem with the payment (...)"

You have to contact Hipay directly.
Please write here:

Delivery up to 16 hours